Easy! If you’re a sporting clay enthusiast, this hand-held thrower is the best tool you can have! Most hand-held throwers are difficult to load and can break many clays before they’re even loaded.

The WingOne® handheld clay target thrower is easy to load, easy to throw, and no more broken clays!


Tom & Jerry Black, Inventors Of The WingOne

Hand-held throwers are great for generating different trajectories,  angles, speeds and distances and helps to create the unpredictability of live quarry shooting. But if you’re using a cheap molded thrower, you may actually be putting more strain on your arm and wrist. The WingOne® handheld target thrower’s auto-cocking action is easy on the arm and makes throwing the clays much easier.


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The Ultimate Handheld Clay Target Thrower

Learn how to throw clays with the WingOne!


noMoreBrokenWingOne®out-performs all the others and puts the fun back in throwing and shooting clays!

  • Drop-in loading eliminates breakage
  • Auto-cocking action is easy on the arm
  • Throws a wide variety of clays
  • Easy to control for numerous flight patterns
  • Rugged construction always performs and lasts a lifetime

Throwing and shooting clays is a long-standing tradition with our family and friends. We hope WingOne® brings the same fun and memories to you and yours for generations to come… WingOne® and have fun!


Who Is This?


What is Tom Black, WingOne co-inventor, doing on a Seattle Sonics trading card?


Made in the USA!