Amazon & eMail Reviews

Amazon & eMail Customer Reviews

03/27/2017 eMailed to WingOneUSA
By Brandon Labudde
          I’m not usually one to write to a company and share my experience, but your thrower is so good I wanted to let you know you have another happy customer. I bought your thrower at Sportsmans Warehouse about six months ago, but it’s sat in my garage since, I just haven’t had a chance to get out and use it. My brother-in-law and I went out to the desert Saturday and shot a box of clays, 135 targets, and not a single one broke while throwing. With my other hand thrower I bet I broke 5-10% just trying to load the dumb thing. And, we were able to not only throw the clays exactly where we wanted them, but in the air the clays acted more like the Gambels Quail we hunt…we were able to keep them low and fast, and they kind of wobbled up and down a bit, love the action. Anyways just wanted to say great job on a great thrower. So easy to use and no wasted clays.
02/26/2017 eMailed to WingOneUSA
By Stephen Morrison
           Your W1-R is fantastic in the winter. Other plastic throwers won’t “let go” when cold but your’s was flawless. I bought 2 and I’m glad I did…nice design! 
02/22/2017 eMailed to WingOneUSA
By Seth Taylor, Chatham MA
I had a Western (spring neck/wood handle) clay target thrower that I lent to someone; I never got it back and the guy melted away.  Since that time, I have  shot targets with friends who had throwers – everything from high-end multi-target capable platform throwers, to cheap one-piece hand throwers. My son and his two little boys came for a visit over the past weekend, and my son wanted to shoot some targets.  I had the skeet, the guns, and the shells, but nothing to launch the targets.  It was a Sunday, but fortunately our closest sporting goods store (Goose Hummock / Orleans, MA) was open.  They had your product in stock along with a cheap one-piece plastic hand-thrower that I have used before. I looked at your product, shook my head and said, “why not?”.  I have to confess, I bought the cheap plastic thrower too (at $8.00 and change at least I knew I could throw targets with it). Wow!  I love your thrower – absolutely love it!  It’s easy and quick to load; it throws all sorts of flight options, is easy on the arm, and doesn’t break a single target in the load or throw process!!
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat product. March 18, 2015
 Great product. I have been using the plastic clay throwers most of my life. they do not even come close to comparing to this hand thrower. This thing really works as advertised. It never breaks a clay putting in to the thrower. It also allows you to throw the clay with a lot less effort than most other hand throwers and is therefore easier on the arm at the end of the day. It is made very well and should last for many years.
5.0 out of 5 starsbetter than great, March 14, 2014
By Pappy
 If you like to shoot clays you have to have this. I have a sit down model with a spirng loaded throwing arm and the cheap plastic hand thrower. This has replaced both of them. Go to you tube abd watch the videos. It is very easy to use. The old plastic hand thrower made my shoulder hurt not this one. You will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.0 out of 5 starsGot to use this at the range last weekend. …, December 19, 2015
 Got to use this at the range last weekend. It took one or two practice throws and then I got the hang of it. And let me tell you, I have the throwing ability of a piece of spaghetti when it comes to just about anything else. Buy this.
5.0 out of 5 stars This thrower absolutely performs as advertised., November 13, 2014
 I have not tried the other kinds of hand throwers, so I cannot weigh in on whether this is the best one. I CAN say, however, that it works exactly as advertised, and throws about 50 yards with almost no effort. (Actually, the trick seems to be to throw without using the upper arm, and with less effort than you think it is going to take. Watching the videos on the website before using it helps immensely. A tweak or two on your grip and you are throwing where you want them to go. Straight throws are possible. Arcs are possible.

It re-throws thrown-but-unbroken clays without breaking them, too. I am VERY FAVORABLY IMPRESSED. This thrower was partially responsible for an immensely enjoyable afternoon of shooting this past weekend, effortlessly throwing about as fast as the shotguns could be reloaded and aimed. Buy it.


5.0 out of 5 starsEasy Thrower, February 14, 2013
As soon as the WingOne clay pigeon thrower arrived I took it out with 20 biodegradable clays and started throwing. Impressed doesn’t seem like a strong enough word. I’ve used an old ’50’s model hand thrower for years. When I switched to biodegradable clays it was hard to throw them without breaking about every fourth one, plus you had to cock the thrower for every throw. So in the fall of 2012 my son, son-in-law and I bought a model that fits the receiver of a pickup or it will sit on legs. It has a seat and is a good thrower but somewhat cumbersome if you just want to throw a few birds. It also takes some adjusting to throw the biodegradable clays without breaking them and has to be cocked for each throw. And if you want to change the direction of the throw it takes some time and a wrench to readjust it. It also cost around a 100 bucks. A friend told me about the WingOne thrower. I went to their website ( and watched a video and decided I wanted to try one.

The WingOne is so simple yet very effective. Drop a clay in, push it down a little, rare back and let it fly. In two days I’ve thrown over 100 biodegradable clays without breaking one (just tossing them for fun in a weed patch). I threw low to the ground, high ones, arcing ones, left, right and down the middle. I’m pushing 66 but could still toss the clays with the WingOne an average of 55 yards. My son sent some downrange and was able to best me by a good 10 yards. I even picked up a few clays from a previous shoot that had pellet nicks or a pellet hole in them and threw them and the WingOne threw them without breaking any. And a big plus is that they are made in the USA. I will be recommending them to friends.