WingOne History


Tom and Jerry Black, Inventors Of The WingOne.

Our family began shooting clays in the 1950s using some early model 12 gauge shotguns. We enjoyed the sport immensely except for one thing, the hand held throwers of the day simply did not work very well. As career sportsmen with a love of innovation and a desire to make things perform better, we set out to make a new product that actually worked. And the WingOne® was born!

Our grandfather was a tool and die maker with a number of patents to his credit. One item he invented was a throwing pigeon made out of wood that would sail over long distances. We threw it by hand for many months before we decided we needed a handheld thrower that would give us longer distances.

We decided what this device should look like and what it should be able to do. We wanted it to load fast and throw far. In the 60’s we showed our grandfather a sketch of a device that we had designed in shop class. We settled on a wire head that held a clay and a metal handle with a leather wrap. The wire head allowed the clay to be loaded from the back or top and made the unit load and throw very fast. Over the next two decades, we refined prototypes and added a polymer handle. Also, the wire head was modified to hold a variety of clays.

We brought engineering, marketing and sales together to focus on creating the WingOne®, the premiere product in the hand held clay throwing market.

Our historical definition of “WingOne®” is to throw or launch a projectile by hand or hand held device. Or, to “WingOne®” is to throw an object and hit it with a rock or other projectile. This was our phrase for shooting clay pigeons instead of saying “Pull”. This phrase has been used by our family for over sixty years and you are welcome to join us . . . Tom & Jerry Black